The Ogaden Human Rights Committee (OHRC)

The Ogaden Human Rights Committee (OHRC) is an independent, voluntary, non-political non-profit making organisation, founded on June 13th 1995, in Godey, Ogadenia, to monitor and promote the observance of internationally accepted human rights standards in the Ogaden. It investigates all allegations of human rights abuses, and when it is satisfied that the claim is authentic, documents it.

The Ogaden Human Rights Committee prepares reports, press releases and appeals to publicise human rights violations in the Ogaden by the Ethiopian government. It campaigns for the improvement and respect of basic human rights by educating the people and putting the spotlight on the Ethiopian human rights record in the Ogaden.

The Ogaden Human Rights Committee is supported by contributions from its members. It accepts unconditional funds from private individuals and foundations.

The Organisation is based in Godey, Ogadenia, and has branches throughout the Ogaden.

The Ogaden Human Rights Committee has associate members in Switzerland, Germany, Norway, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Canada, USA, Australia, Africa, and the Middle East.

For enquiries and contributions all correspondence and donations should be channelled through international co-ordination offices of the Ogaden Human Rights Committee in Europe and North America.


Tel: 41 79 4682 342
The Netherlands
Tel: 31 61 348 1507
Tel: 613 7367 647
Tel: 612 721 6470
Fax: 612 721 6442